Wine Education

What aromas am I smelling? What wine goes best with food? How do I identify a defect in wine? What wine suits my palate the best? What is malolactic fermentation?
We have the answers to all these questions and more! Our wine education classes are suited for both the beginning wine taster, as well as the professional! Our wine educators have developed a wide array of classes that are highly interactive, fun, educational, and relaxed

Curriculum areas include:
  • Wine 101: Harvest to Bottle
  • Component Tasting, Aromas & Defects
  • Discovery of white , champagne and rose wines
  • Discovery of red varietals
  • Port, Sherry, Fortified, and Dessert Wines
  • The importance of glassware
  • Wine & Food Pairing
  • Wine & Beverage Service for Professionals (this class is geared for food & beverage service staff, tasting room staff, flight attendants, etc)
  • And many many more…
We always are willing to custom tailor our educational classes to your specific needs, just ask us! Bring your palate, a willingness to explore and learn and have fun!

Seminar times range from 2 hours to all day, or multi day classes.